For the Music Creators

With the Polaris Hub, a creator’s music is now licensed and administered directly with multi territorial online music services. This is a significant development, usually music use in other countries are licensed and processed separately by each national society, then paid through the society network to the writer’s own society.


Having a Polaris license will be a high priority for music services, because customer societies will give the Polaris Hub the mandate to license on their behalf, bringing a larger number of songs and terrestrial coverage. Polaris will communicate directly with the music services, negotiating a fair licence compensation that will apply to all territories. The music services will then send usage reports to the Polaris Hub, at which point all required rights will be processed by Polaris’ third-party provider and an invoice will be created for the music service CCID.  Polaris is working with NMP Network of Music Partners.


The Polaris Hub can provide expert insight on music use connected to the rights it represents, at which point the music services provide payment that goes directly to the relevant society, with the money being distributed to creators and publishers based on the use of their respective songs.


Additional benefits

• The compensation for music played abroad comes to the rights holders more quickly

• The commission taken on this money is lower than the previous process

• The Polaris Hub has full transparency on where and how music has been used

• The Polaris Hub is able to license more music services

• We rely on our own information when we are to Identify our works being used.