Nordic Music Creators reach an agreement with Soundcloud

The Polaris Hub, which licences the repertoires of the three Nordic collection societies Koda, Teosto and Tono online, has entered into a Pan-European lisencing agreement with SoundCloud. The lisensing agreement also covers the repertoire of the Icelandic society Stef.

The lisencing agreement with SoundCloud is the first of its’ kind in the Nordic territories. It is reached in coordination with the launch of SoundCloud’s premium listener subscription, SoundCloud Go+, in Norway, Denmark and Finland. 

– We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with SoundCloud. This ensures that Nordic composers and music authors will continue to receive remuneration when their music is streamed, as well as data on music usage from different territories. This is yet another important milestone for our members, says Åsa Carild, CEO of Polaris Hub.

The new subscription service from SoundCloud will provide access to repertoire from established artists, labels, and publishers, as well as user-uploaded music, DJ sets, remixes, and more.

About The Polaris Hub

Polaris Hub is a joint venture created by the Nordic collective rights management organisations Koda (DK), Tono (NO) and Teosto (FIN). Polaris Hub acts on behalf of all three organisations when negotiating and entering into agreements with international digital music services, to provide music fans with access to the broadest catalogue of songs as well as faster distributions and lower costs for all the rightsholders represented by the three Nordic collective rights management organisations.