The Polaris HUB makes it possible toLicense the repertoire of three societies at onceGive customers easy access to important, local repertoireGet faster and more efficient processes

About Polaris Hub


The three collecting organisations Koda, TONO and Teosto formed the Polaris alliance in 2013, with the aim of reducing costs and further enhancing the quality of their business. In 2019 this collaboration was expanded with the Polaris Online Hub, which handles the Online licensing of Europe and beyond, and the processing of multi- territorial music services, for the rights holders represented by the Polaris societies and STEF.

For the Music Creators

With the Polaris Hub, a creator’s music is now licensed and administered directly with multi territorial online music services. This is a significant development, usually music use in other countries are licensed and processed separately by each national society, then paid through the society network to the writer’s own society.

Get a Music License

The Polaris Hub has the authority to license the rights of Koda, Teosto and TONO, and may also include  STEF (the Composers Rights Society of Iceland), to multi-territorial online music services across Europe and beyond.

Press and News

Nordic music creators enter into deal with TikTok

Polaris HUB – a joint venture between the Nordic collective rights management societies Koda (DK), Tono (NO) and Teosto (FIN) – has entered into a licensing agreement with TikTok. The licensing agreement also covers the repertoire of the Icelandic society Stef.
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Erik Brataas appointed new CEO of Polaris Hub

Erik Brataas becomes the new CEO of Polaris Hub. He brings in a lot of experience and knowledge from 25 years of work within the music industry and the field of digital distribution. On the 1st of December, Erik Brataas joins Polaris Hub as CEO. He takes over the position from Linda Collin, who has…
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