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Polaris Hub

Every song forges a path, linking its creator to its listeners. With digital music consumption, that link can be incredibly complex, involving many different rights, territories and music services, as well as massive usage reports. In 2013, the Nordic societies Koda, Teosto, and TONO partnered to establish Polaris Hub, an alliance whose goal was, creating new solutions and collaborating on processes.

Creating waves in the music industry

Polaris Hub is an alliance between Nordic collection societies KODA, TEOSTO and TONO. The initiative began in 2013 while aiming to create solutions and collaborate on simplifying processes within a complex music industry. Officially established in 2018, Polaris Hub provides a single point of contact for global music platforms to obtain a licence to use the repertoire, against fair remuneration. 


Meet the team

Erik Brataas


Erik has over 30 years of experience in the music industry bringing a wealth of musical knowledge, expertise, and passion. From digital rights management, labels, and music publishing to music tech with proven knowledge of driving sustainability, growth, and team development. He has held key executive positions including 18 years as CEO of digital distribution pioneer Phonofile and co-founder/CEO of music publisher Arctic Rights Management. 


Linda Collin

Head of International Business Affairs and Licensing

Linda brings over 14 years of dedicated experience in music licensing. Strengthened by a robust legal background and a degree in music business and law, Linda has navigated every facet of the music industry. 

Åsa Enström

Head of Legal

Åsa is a tech and culture-enamoured lawyer with extensive experience in the music business and collective rights management of copyrights. She has a genuine passion for copyright that she has worked on both legally and strategically for her entire career. Åsa’s vast knowledge includes transforming legal departments to fit the digital landscape and experience that covers a wide spectrum of international deal-making from both music and software businesses.  

Zach Fuller

Data analyst

Zach brings almost a decade of experience in the music industry to Polaris as our Research Manager and Data Analyst. With notable experience with distinguished organizations including Warner Music Group, IFPI and MIDiA Research, working across label, distribution, and market research. Zach’s expertise has been quoted in The Financial Times and The Economist and he has featured as a guest speaker at conferences including MIDEM, Music Biz Nashville, and SXSW. 

Partner societies

Polaris Hub is owned in equal parts by the three leading Nordic CMOs, Tono, Koda and Teosto. As our collections grew so did the hub and we got the honour to represent STEF. If you are a songwriter that wishes to take part of the fantastic journey that Polaris Music Hub is on, please contact your local society and let your music play a part in our journey.

TONO is a Norwegian CMO that represents 40,000 songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers from Norway. It also represents millions of music professionals globally through collaboration with 78 sister societies.  

TEOSTO works to ensure everyone can experience the power of music. Their wish is that music can be made professionally in Finland and the legal use of music can be simplified. A non-profit dedicated to building a brighter future for music. 

Koda is a Danish organization dedicated to ensuring composers, songwriters, and music publishers are rewarded for their music usage.  A commitment to a core mission that remains unchanged from the day it began.

STEF, the Composers’ Rights Society of Iceland, is a non-profit organization that manages the rights of music creators and publishers. Overseeing both Icelandic and international copyrights for music performed in public.