About Polaris Hub

Music Is The Reason We Exist

Every song forges a path, linking its creator to its listeners. With digital music consumption, that link can be incredibly complex, involving many different rights, territories and music services, as well as massive usage reports. In 2013, the Nordic societies Koda, Teosto, and TONO partnered to establish Polaris, an alliance whose goal was, creating new solutions and collaborating on processes.

The Polaris Hub is the next phase of this partnership. It licenses the Polaris societies’ rights to multi-territorial music services and provides optimised processing solutions for the  usage reports that are created by online music services. It also serves as a space where Polaris can concentrate on developing future services and solutions. Whether it be ensuring a song is available on the listener’s online platform of choice, or that creators and rights holders receive correct and reasonable payment for their work in the global online music market, the Polaris Hub will have music at the heart of everything it does.

Polaris is equally owned by Koda, Teosto and TONO.



Erik Brataas

The Polaris HUB
+47 91 51 13 57

Linda Collin

Head of International Business Affairs and Licensing
The Polaris HUB
+46 766 562 105


Karl Vestli_Tono_foto_Sverre Jarild_2000px kvadrat[1]

Karl Vestli

TONO, Norway
Gorm Arildsen, KODA

Gorm Arildsen

KODA, Denmark
Risto Salminen, TEOSTO

Risto Salminen

TEOSTO, Finland