Rights holders

We are global negotiators of fair music rights. Agreeing solutions with digital services platforms worldwide, we’re striving to level the field for rights holders. Representing collection societies in the Nordics, we are capable of delivering uncompromising multi- territorial licensing. The kind that protects the rights holders fully, no matter how complex they may be. We aim to make it easier for the CMOs to share music with a worldwide audience. Without ever compromising on principle while enabling digital services to license our repertoire in an efficient way.

Polaris Hub defends art and helps its members protect the value of their repertoire.

  • Your music will be licensed to a wide variety of digital platforms, and we will secure your right to fair renumeration.
  • With expertise in licensing and processing, we can ensure streamlined and simplified practices to minimise costs for rights holders
  • We value clarity and strive to provide full transparency on music’s use
  • With global reach Polaris Hub can license more music services

Polaris Licence Fair Payment Cycle

At Polaris Hub, we aim to simplify how we present your data, helping to navigate the complexities of multi-territorial licence deals.  

Your repertoire goes through a lifecycle when it is being used. Our infographic illustrates the journey from usage to distribution. 

Benefits of being a member

Polaris Hub will communicate directly with the online music services, negotiating a fair licence compensation for licensed territories. The music services will then send usage reports to NMP, at which point all usage data will be processed by NMP and an invoice will be created for the music service. Polaris is working with NMP – Network of Music Partners.

The Polaris Hub can provide expert insight on music use connected to the rights it represents, at which point the music services provide payment that goes directly to the relevant society, with the money being distributed to creators and publishers based on the use of their respective songs.

Partner societies

Polaris Hub is owned equally by the 3 leading Nordic collective management organizations or CMOs, TONO, Koda and TEOSTO. As our collections grew so did the hub, and we now have the honour of also representing STEF. If you are a songwriter who wishes to take part in the fantastic journey that Polaris Music Hub is on, please contact your local society and let your music play a part in our journey.  

TONO is a Norwegian CMO that represents 40,000 songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers from Norway. It also represents millions of music professionals globally through collaboration with 78 sister societies.  

TEOSTO works to ensure everyone can experience the power of music. Their wish is that music can be made professionally in Finland and the legal use of music can be simplified. A non-profit dedicated to building a brighter future for music. 

Koda is a Danish organization dedicated to ensuring composers, songwriters, and music publishers are rewarded for their music usage.  A commitment to a core mission that remains unchanged from the day it began.

STEF, the Composers’ Rights Society of Iceland, is a non-profit organization that manages the rights of music creators and publishers. Overseeing both Icelandic and international copyrights for music performed in public. 

Rights holders FAQs

  • Why was Polaris Hub created?

    Polaris Music Hub was created by the Nordic owner societies Tono, Koda and Testo to create an alliance and form strength in numbers. Bringing all of our Nordic values together, we can bring a better future of music rights together in one hub.

  • How can I join Polaris Hub?

    As a singer and songwriter, you should first contact your local society. If you are in any of the Polaris Hub Home Territories (Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland) your rights will automatically be represented by Polaris Hub through your local society.

    Please check out our Contact page to contact your local society.  

  • Where in the world does Polaris Hub license my rights?

    Polaris Hub covers the Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway, as well as entering multi-territorial agreements on behalf of the rights managed by the societies Tono (NO), Koda (DK), Teosto (FI) and STEF (IS) in most countries around the world. For legal reasons, some territories are not covered, such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, USA, Indonesia, Uruguay, Brazil and Taiwan.  

  • Which DSPs does Polaris Hub have agreements with?

    Polaris Hub strive to licence all music based DSPs who operates on a multi territorial basis, Polaris Hub currently have signed agreements with YouTube, Spotify, Meta, TikTok, Apple, Qobuz, 7Digital and SoundCloud.

  • Does Polaris Hub offer synchronization licences?

    Polaris Hub does not grant sync licenses. Please contact the publishers and the record label of the song for these licences.