Music licences

Wherever your service is in the world, we’ll make it simple for you to license Nordic music for them. Representing the region’s key collection societies – Koda (Denmark), TONO (Norway), Teosto (Finland) and Stef (Iceland) – Polaris Hub is the one and only place you need to come to access their music. With worldwide licensing made possible in one place, you can negotiate access to the music your audience wants, faster and more cost effectively, in a way that’s fair for all.

Wherever your listeners are in the world, we’ll make it simple for you to license Nordic music for them.

  • The Polaris Hub is a unified alliance authorized to license the rights of its societies to multi-territorial online music services across Europe and beyond.
  • We also license the international rights managed by these societies. 
  • Using fair rates set by industry standard practice, we can offer a wide range of licences.
  • Polaris Hub welcomes new technology and can offer easy and helpful licensing process to start-ups.

Defending rights. Changing the industry.

We represent the rights of our members’ music from our home in the Nordic countries. View where in the world we currently licence.

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Partner societies

Polaris Hub is owned equally by the 3 leading Nordic collective management organizations (CMOs), TONO, Koda and TEOSTO. As our collections grew so did the hub and we now have the honour of representing STEF. If you are a songwriter who wishes to take part in the fantastic journey that Polaris Music Hub is on, please contact your local society and let your music play a part in our journey.   

TONO is a Norwegian CMO that represents 40,000 songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers from Norway. It also represents millions of music professionals globally through collaboration with 78 sister societies.  

TEOSTO works to ensure everyone can experience the power of music. Their wish is that music can be made professionally in Finland and the legal use of music can be simplified. A non-profit dedicated to building a brighter future for music. 

Koda is a Danish organization dedicated to ensuring composers, songwriters, and music publishers are rewarded for their music usage.  A commitment to a core mission that remains unchanged from the day it began.

STEF, the Composers’ Rights Society of Iceland, is a non-profit organization that manages the rights of music creators and publishers. Overseeing both Icelandic and international copyrights for music performed in public. 

Music licensing FAQs

  • How do I get a licence with Polaris Hub?

    Ready to join? Licensing with Polaris Hub is quick and easy. Simply fill out our application form and we will be in touch.   


  • What rights can Polaris Hub license?

    Polaris Hub can offer the performance and reproduction rights for our repertoire. If you are a pure streaming, download or UGC platform, we can grant the necessary rights (this may vary from service to service).

  • What territories do you represent?

    Polaris Hub covers the Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway, as well as entering multi-territorial agreements on behalf of the rights managed by the societies Tono (NO), Koda (DK), Teosto (FI) and STEF (IS) in most countries around the world. For legal reasons, some territories are not covered, such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, USA, Indonesia, Uruguay, Brazil and Taiwan.  

  • Can I get a Sync Licence from Polaris Hub?

    Polaris Hub does not grant sync licences. Please contact the publishers and the record label of the song for this service 

  • How much does a licence cost?

    A bespoke quote is created for you during our application process. Polaris Hub base our licensing offerings on industry standards and principles of fair renumeration.